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Portraits for you and you and you

Aktualisiert: 27. Aug. 2020

This is my latest wedding portrait - a gift for the couple from their marriage witnesses. I really hope they like it. It took some time til i was satisfied with the drawing. On every photo i was given the two looked so happy and in love and i was eager to catch this feeling, this spark of joy they share with one another.

ahhh now some of you might think: i would love a portrait, too, but i'm not getting married any time soon. Of course anyone can have a portrait! it's a wonderful gift for any occasion – birthdays, divorce, Mothersday, Fathersday, Christmas, Easter, maybe a dear colleague is leaving? ... or just to spoil yourself. I also do family portraits, portraits of people with their best friends, their pets, their favourite objects. I can put you in a fancy costume or portray you as a mermaid or your favourite comic hero - almost no limits to your fantasy ;)

And as you may have seen in my last post a portrait doesn't neccessarily have to be framed only. You can print your own stickers, put your face on a pillowslip, so many options.

My portraits are all handdrawn on a tablet. Customers receive a digital file in high resolution which they can get printed at any copyshop or digital printer. All i need are some photos and depending on the kind of portrait a bit of information about the person/s – like favourite flowers, colours, hobbies.

Don't be shy and send me an email to!

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