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Happy to present my latest wedding portrait to you: guess what - they love surfing!


Oh my i'm giggling full of joy! woman.at, one of Austria's biggest women's magazines is featuring my wedding portraits. I hope this will help me reach my audience!  #wedding #portrait #present #hochzeit


Happy to announce that my pins are now also available at the lovely loretta cosima shop in Vienna's 9th district. There you'll find exactly those pins in the photo. Remember: each of them is unique, so you won't find them in another store #pins #brooches #diy #polymerc...


My lovely handmade pins are now available at the supercool Répertoire shop which is located in the Otto-Bauer-Gasse 9 in Vienna's 6th district. A paradise for all lovers of stylish decoration, whimsical products and other stuff you might not need but definitely want to...


I love my logo stamp! Preparing these little paperbags, which are the packaging for my brooches which soon will be available at 2 new shops! 


Big Thank You to New Business Magazine for this wonderful article on me and my work! 


Yeesss it's true! I'll be at he Maker Faire Vienna 2018 at Metastadt. Still so much to do ... of course my brooches will be part of it, but i'd also like to make some jewellery maybe and handpainted tees and maybe pimped up purses ...hmmm... and should i also present m...


Today i'll be at the "It's Wedding Unusual" wedding fair at the Renaissance Hotel Vienna where i'll hope to meet some lovely soon to be wed people who would love to get a portrait. Who doesn't want a unique drawing of her/himself ... especially for the big day?  www.mu...


New lovely brooches now available at the Wunderbar Shop in Vienna (Otto Bauer Gasse 24, 1060 Vienna) #wunderbarshop

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